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Frank Gumola - Journal | Weblog

SOS, Or: Shrimp Onsets Scratching

The photos above cover our evening out seeing Legends! again last night. As you can see from the third photo, we sat way up high this time. Nosebleed section, even. The night was again, perfect. Almost.

What you don't see in any of the photos is me, miserably scratching away at the hives that started appearing on my body about an hour into the play.

See photo four.

Somehow, I unknowingly ingested shrimp during my feeding frenzy at the buffet. I'm usually quite careful when seafood and I are in close proximity to one another, and shrimp is my worst enemy.

David looked at me with a rather pained expression on his face, and it wasn't gas.

I looked like I'd been stung by several bees. The hives were everywhere; on my face, arms, back, legs, and chest.

The fact that we'd just found out about a chance to meet the cast after the show only added to my misery.

I simply couldn't face Linda Evans looking like a monster. I wouldn't face Krystle Carrington looking like a monster. Something had to be done.

During intermission I raced to the men's room shoving more than one slow moving senior citizen out of my way, not a polite "excuse me" escaping my lips. I figured they were probably wearing adult diapers anyway. I needed a mirror and a cold compress, fast.

Several soaked paper towels later, I could feel the itching subside, but it wasn't until the very end of the play that I felt fully recovered.

Nary a hive in sight, we met our Goddesses. David trembled with sheer delight as we spoke with Tonye Patano about the upcoming season of Weeds. We could tell you some secrets about season three, but then we'd have to kill you.

And finally, checking my face one last time in the reflection of my cell phone (the screensaver doubles as a mirror...shut up) I turned to my left and politely asked Ms. Evans if I could have the pleasure of eternally remembering our meeting with a photo.

The truth? I blurted out, "Holy Mary, Mother of Dynasty!" inches from her face.

Frankie Meets Linda

Booyah people, booyah.

MySpace Will Censor You

Rather than send out a hundred or so emails informing others of what I'm up to for the evening, I thought I'd simply pop on over to MySpace and post a bulletin about it.

In said bulletin I linked to my Flickr account, my YouTube account, and this weblog.

I waited the required five minutes and found the bulletin was never posted. I waited another five, and another.

A little Google Fu later, I realized I'm not the only noticing this.

I immediately posted another bulletin mentioning the censorship (no links in this one) and it was posted as soon as I clicked the 'post bulletin' button.

Really. MySpace, what are you so afraid of?

Say NO To Dirt

Yeah, I laughed. Out loud even.

Katie Made Me Do It

I've always admired individuals with the gift of song. If you can carry a tune, I swoon.

This is probably why I spent so many years pursuing boyfriends of the lead singer kind. It's sad when I think about it now, all those wasted years wanting only men in bands. Pathetic.

But enough about that.

I haven't got the greatest singing voice in the world, I know. I hardly ever sing in public and when I do, rest assured many a martini has been ingested.

The first time I ever braved the microphone (on a tiny little stage, under a very hot spotlight) I found myself trembling, staring at a blank monitor waiting in nervous anticipation for Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" to cue up.

The song choice seemed an obvious one given the situation.

What I never told anyone was that earlier that day I had been watching a Dawson's Creek marathon and after seeing Katie's character belt it out, I thought I'd try it that evening.

My rendition went over quite well. Either that, or all of my friends were extremely intoxicated.

I still can't sing as well as I'd like, but I have found enough confidence to expand my selections. The songs of Blondie, Tasmin Archer, and The Verve can often be heard coming from mouth.

But only after a little liquid courage, and with Joey on my mind.

This Time, Balcony Seats

David surprised me with a gift when he got home this evening. It appears he enjoyed the show so much the first time, we're going again tomorrow night. Whee!

Museum Quality

Museumr allows you to insert your Flickr photos into a museum setting. Alternately, you can simply upload photos from your hard drive.

I've chosen to use David's photo as an example simply because I can't be bothered to airbrush mine right now.

That, and he gets very annoyed when I do things like this. It's quite cute, actually.

Sad Kermit - Hurt

"Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting. These songs document Kermit's pain during these years...and years to come."

Via SadKermit.com

Sons Of Hollywood

'Sons of Hollywood' from A&E: "Sons of Hollywood tracks the daily lives of three scions of Hollywood: Randy Spelling, son of the prolific television producer, the late Aaron Spelling; Sean Stewart, son of music legend Rod Stewart; and rising talent manager David Weintraub. "

From Randy's Bio:

Question people ask that annoys you: "Dude can I go bowling at your house? Do you have an ice skating rink?"

The show premieres on April Fool's Day. Seriously.

Nightcaps On The Beach

Having just discovered this delicious beverage seems so very, very wrong.

I happily snapped up a bottle this afternoon.

The Zentini is a perfect companion to watching the sunset with my perfect companion.

Chateau La Rue

My Fall vacation plans have suddenly changed.


I've only recently discovered the rare gem known as the eXpress bus. I've previously written about the bus route I normally use to get to work on the weekends, and we all know how unhappy an experience that can be. I tried a different route a few days ago, and I'm sticking to it. The route is shorter, more direct, and the bus is always nearly empty.

The old bus route was tolerable, except for Sundays. On Sundays the old bus is filled with church goers. Not itself a problem seeing as how I love colorful displays of adoration; even the religious kind. But the shouts of praise spouted as a reply to each and every comment from another can be a bit taxing.

I'm not talking about a simple "Amen!", or "Hallelujah!" either. My African American Step-Father (worships one way) and Czech/Italian/Polish/Serbian/and-probably-more Mother (worships another way) can attest to the fact that I enjoy nothing more than a powerful soulful experience.

But only when I invite it.

I was an altar boy, I took theology courses. My religious background and beliefs aren't something I often discuss partly because of the possibility of igniting or sparking arguments with others who believe differently - and wish you would too.

Praise him, her, it however you want. Just not so loudly in my right ear.

And since when does "My drunk ass husband got himself arrested again last night," deserve an "Amen!"?

This post is also brought to you by the adorable young man who drove past me at the bus stop and pulled over only to hand me a copy of Watchtower. Seriously.

Super(stitious), Thanks For Asking

I've become either quite superstitious, or I have a mild case of OCD. I haven't decided just yet. Perhaps you can help. Here's the list, laugh if it makes you feel better.
  • If the electronic gizmo in use has a volume meter, it must be set at an even number. No number? I count clicks or bars shown on the screen.
  • When leaving my apartment, I check to make sure I locked the door securely. I shake the doorknob five times. No more, no less.
  • The last time I picked up a coin showing the 'tails' side was in the sixth grade. As soon as I did, a baseball hit me in the eye. Haven't done it since.
  • After making a purchase, I count my remaining cash seven times. Seven. What is wrong with me?
  • I hate to see a loaf of bread stored upside down and must immediately unwrap, rewrap, and put it back.
I chalk that last one up to Italian superstition; the others just make me seem crazy.


David purchased a puzzle a few days ago. The one shown in the photo, to be precise.

I'm sure you're thinking the puzzle is cute. The puzzle is fun. The puzzle should be hours and hours of boyfriend bonding on cool Spring evenings.

You know what? Fuck the puzzle. That's right, I dropped an f-bomb over a puzzle.

It's a panoramic monstrosity. It's wide. Quite wide. About three and a half feet wide. I haven't measured it, but I know it doesn't fit on either of the strategically placed ottomans in the living room. Our kitchen is too small to house a table large enough for puzzle building activities, so there goes the option of quiet morning coffee and cute kisses (Careful, don't spill java on the puzzle!) while popping in a piece or two before happily rushing out the door en route to work.

The puzzle can't be constructed on the dining room table because our dining set is non existent. I haven't invested in one yet. And don't dare look at me like that; I entertain, I just do it from the comfort of the living room and the catering company I keep on speed dial.

The only place this puzzle can be constructed is on my spare coffee table I keep in the spare bedroom, which has become my own personal closet space. Actual closet space being rather sparse, I use the flat surface for my folded garments such as jeans and designer t-shirts, etc.

Imagine: My table of folded garments resembles that of a sale table at the Gap, just prior to opening on the day everything on said table is marked down to seventy-five percent off.

Lots. Of. Clothes.

Now imagine the look on my face when I walked in to the spare bedroom today and spied the yet uncompleted puzzle sprawled out over three quarters of the table while my carefully folded clothing was crushed to one side, up against the wall.

Yeah, that look.

You know, Miso is low on kitty litter.

Nokia N95 Viral Marketing

Checking my inbox this morning, I discovered a wonderful little viral marketing campaign for the Nokia N95: Great Pockets from Henry Needle and Sons.

Do check out the hilarious website, MySpace page, and Flickr photos.


Something was on my mind at dinner. David noticed, and mentioned I looked preoccupied. I had an idea, but couldn't be sure until I got home and went through some email from way back when. That's when I discovered it.

"It snowed, kids. Lordy, did it snow."

Those words and the above photograph introduced me to the wonderful world of you five years ago. Five freaking years, this month.

For half a decade we've conversed through email, IM, text, and countless phone conversations. You hosted my site for me for a bit when I needed the space, listened to me whine about any and every problem I've ever faced, and kissed the Bambino countless times on my behalf.

And for this, LDSA, I thank you.

Here's to five hundred and fifty-five more years of friendship. Cheers.

Broadway Babes And The Boys Who Love Them

A summary of last night's festivities:

best. boyfriend. ever.

Descriptions left to right, row by row: David decided to wear Hugo, I opted for vintage looking Michael Kors. Our pre show beverages of choice, and after the show Blue Moon beer hit the spot. Cameras are not permitted inside The Palace Theater; I snagged a pic with my Razr anyway, and five fabulous seconds (not the greatest quality - I was terrified of being caught) of Joan Collins during the curtain call.

Related - A late night textversation immediately following the show:

Me: "I got five seconds of the Legends curtain call. Joan fucking Collins. I'm gonna YouTube it later. Fuzzy quality, but I got it. W00t!"
He: "You are the most gay friend I will ever have. I mean that with the highest of awe. Love you."

I'm notorious (there's such a pun there, trust me) about keeping my YouTube videos private. But this one, I had to share.

The seats were amazing. I wish I could bottle the look on David's face the moment the ladies took to the stage.

I will never forget last night, ever.

But just in case Alzheimer's decides to one day pay me a visit, I have these wonderful mementos to serve as a refresher.

And the card David gave me today, thanking me for being his date last night.

Bette Davis And Breaking Wind

Bette Davis rides my bus.

I ran to the bus stop this morning (my usual tardiness in full effect), paid my fare while (wheezily) thanking the kindest driver in the world for waiting, and sat down in the only available seat. I then put in my ear buds; permitting Young Love to invade my ear space. Turning to my left, I noticed her.

Bette Davis. On my morning route.

Only this Bette Davis was a very elderly drag queen. With very bad breath.

The Human Fart Machine also rides my bus.

Waiting for mass transit at the end of my day, I noticed a man walking toward the bus shelter. He appeared to be talking to himself. Upon closer inspection, I could see a cell phone in his hand. This hand was attached to a wildly flailing arm. The arm would occasionally refrain from flailing and he would then resume spewing what I could now comprehend as obscenities.

Without warning, the man suddenly held his cell phone centimeters from my face and asked me to loudly state where he was standing.

I, really not wanting any part of this, quietly complied.


I again stated our location, a bit louder this time.

The man then put the cell phone down the back of his pants (yes, exactly where you're thinking), and loudly broke wind.

I've washed my face eleven times since I've been home and I'm walking to work tomorrow.

From Not, To Hot

I knew about the dental makeover; I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank his stylist, hairdresser, make-up artist and photographer.


St. Pat's Recap

The holiday in review:
  • A very inebriated young man stopped in front of The Bingham, bent over to lose his lunch, and simultaneously split his pants. He wasn't wearing underwear.
  • Meeting the new owner of Cloud 9 was great; meeting his drunken entourage was not.
  • Witnessed Cleveland's *cough* investigative reporter *cough* Carl Monday without his trademark trench coat. His wife however, was wearing one; Carl and his moustache sheepishly followed her around.
  • Realized David has an addiction to Cocaine.
How was your holiday?

O' Happy Day

I bet if I wore this to today's festivities, I'd get the snot beat out of me.

Luckily, green is not my color. Still, I find the shirt amusing.

Super Disappointment

Twice now, David and I have tried to watch Superman Returns, and twice now, we've fallen asleep while watching.

This proves two things:
  • We're working too much.
  • Our taste in movies (of late) just plain sucks.

Current Cabernet

I received a bottle of Sterling Vintner's Collection Central Coast Cabernet 2004 as a gift today. Here are some product notes gathered from other sites since the official site only mentions the 2001.

"An inviting deep ruby-red color. This is a very aromatic wine, offering dark fruit, cassis, dried herbs, cocoa powder and vanilla. Flavors are of more blackberry and other dark fruit, black olives, caramel, root beer and vanilla. The wine’s tannins are round and chewy, offering great balance and a lingering toasty and fruity finish. A great match with red meats and pastas."

Well that's perfect, I'm having red meat and pasta for dinner.

Just Josh

YBJ just phoned from his audition. From what he could see and hear from the people in front of him, you got three lines to read and with one partner. Then a polite, "Thank you for your time, we'll be in touch."

YBJ stepped up, got his head shot taken by the casting director, and was handed three lines of script. He read it once and expected the polite goodbye. But they made him read it again. And again. And again. Each time with a different actor.

I can only hope this is a good thing.

Update: He actually got to meet Blair Underwood at the audition. Crap, he asked me to tag along to Pittsburgh and I declined.

Sir Mix-A-Halen

Sir Mix-A-Lot vs Van Halen: Jamie's Got Back

A Worthy COS

"COS (Collection of Style) is a new fashion concept which combines the meticulous focus and attention to detail of ready-to-wear design with down to earth pricing; making aspiring fashion attainable to the mainstream."

COS to launch on London's Regent Street March 16,2007.

You can view the fashion show here, the backstage/audience video here.

"COS is a part of the H&M group and compliments rather than competes with H&M although founded on the same business concept – ‘fashion and quality at the best price’. The increased price level allows COS to deliver product with a higher quality, which is appositely housed within design-led smaller-scale stores where customer service is key to COS’ shopping environment. COS, as part of the H&M group, benefits from H&M’s financial strength and retailing experience."

Update: Designed By Madonna hits H&M stores March 22nd. A trip to Crocker Park is in order.

On S'embrasse?

simply. beautiful.

Going Places

YBJ phoned earlier in the day. Midday workday phone calls from family freak me out. Ever since I got one from my Mom informing me of YBJ's terrifying car accident. This one, however, was a 'good news' phone call.

YBJ is auditioning for Blair Underwood's (a Carnegie Mellon University grad) Pittsburgh project: "The Bridge To Nowhere".

Josh can often be seen with his homies around the Youngstown/Cleveland/Pittsburgh area (Wearing a t-shirt hanging below his knees, pants large enough to house a small family, and sunglasses bigger than any pair Paris Hilton owns - but who am I to judge?) microphone in hand, tossing words from his mouth to a hip-hop beat.

Something tells me his auditioning for a movie about drugs, pimps, and prostitutes fits him perfectly.

Unlike his t-shirts.

Babe In Toyland

I do believe it is now time to focus my attention on a very important issue: Miso's entertainment.

Until recently, one of us has always been home with Miss Miso Kitty. David's recent employment upgrade changed that, and Miso has not been too happy about the situation. She's decided that anything and everything has become a personal chew toy.

Selected items of her aggression affection to date:
  • two pair of ear buds
  • several books of matches (from a collection)
  • various scraps of paper
  • plastic bread bags
  • an issue of OUT
  • a bus schedule
  • a bus pass
  • a winning lottery ticket($10.00)
A trip to the pet store is in order, stat.

The poor dear wants nothing but attention, love, and the occasional fuzzy yarn ball.

Which she made out of one of my Calvin Klein sweaters.

Legends! Updated

I never thought I'd actually get the seats I wanted. I did. Second row, center(ish), opening night. David is going to be thrilled with the news when he gets home.

Sylvia & Leatrice In The House

David and I decided to celebrate his recent career upgrade by spending a night out on the town. But what to do? The normal routine of dinner, drinks and dancing sounds a little stale. We perused the paper and after about five seconds decided we would get all dolled up and head downtown next Tuesday evening.

I'm purchasing tickets tomorrow afternoon. As of this writing, second row, center seats are available.

The Sincerest Form

Plastic Not So Fantastic

Today's issue of the NYT includes T:Style Magazine; Men's Spring Fashion 2007. A quick glance through the pages reveals slim suits, new wave haircuts, and a great deal of monochrome. Looking a bit more in depth (having time on the bus ride home to focus and actually read through the magazine) one discovers more.

Accessories. Lots of them. One of the first shops I visited in Cleveland was Clothing Brigade. I was shocked at the size of the necklace/pendant inventory. Tons. Of. Chains. Suddenly, everyone's wearing a medallion of some sort. The 'Bling Bang', if you will.

Spring = stripes. If we are to believe what the T tells us, stripes are visibly strong this season.

And back to the previously mentioned monochrome; It's back, but with a twist.

Flipping through the pages, I found myself nodding in agreement, shaking my head saying, "I will not wear a plastic fedora!", and finally, gasping. Losing my breathe at the sight of the perfect gift to introduce the boyfriend to my world while at the same time showing him I care about his.

Ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon the wonder that is the Chanel football.

Find me at the boutique when you're done laughing.

Random Razr Images

There was another, but someone objected to it being posted.

No Deal, Apparently

More than a hundred people went to the IX Center, Saturday, thinking they were going to get a shot at being on "Deal or no Deal."

And they were wrong.

Meh. Let me know when Hayley makes a Cleveland appearance and I'm so there.

Nine Easy Steps

How To Wash Your Cat:

1. Put both lids of the toilet up and add 1/8 cup of pet shampoo to the water in the bowl.
2. Pick up the cat and soothe him while you carry him towards the bathroom.
3. In one smooth movement, put the cat in the toilet and close both lids. You may need to stand on the lid.
4. The cat will self agitate and make ample suds. Never mind the noises that come from the toilet, the cat is actually enjoying this.
5. Flush the toilet three or four times. This provides a "power-wash and rinse".
6. Have someone open the front door of your home. Be sure that there are no people between the bathroom and the front door.
7. Stand behind the toilet as far as you can, and quickly lift both lids.
8. The cat will rocket out of the toilet, streak through the bathroom, and run outside where he will dry himself off.
9. Both the commode and the cat will be sparkling clean.

It's Happy Hour Somewhere

Frankie Gumola (12:59:25 AM): David just reminded me that i had the entire bottle of wine.
Frankie Gumola (12:59:42 AM): Like the spinning keyboard isn't reminding me enough.
dashboardmonk (1:00:25 AM): lol
dashboardmonk (1:00:29 AM): YAY we got drunk together!
Frankie Gumola (1:00:16 AM): We did!
Frankie Gumola (1:00:22 AM): And in different time zones!

Did You See What I Saw?

I'm never one to rush right out and see a movie the day it opens. Exception: Spider-Man 1, 2, and soon 3. (OMG! Right?) Mainly because if I'm not attending a film festival or arty event of some sort I'm probably surrounded by a bunch of imbeciles who either have screaming children, a mobile phone not set on vibrate alert, or a bad case of gas.

Not that art event attendees don't have screaming children, annoying ring tones, or gas. I'm just trying to make a point.

I'm also not one to rush right out and purchase a dvd the day it is released. Exception: Spider-Man 1, 2 and as soon as I can get my greedy little hands on it, yes I will pre-order a copy thankyouverymuch; 3. Or anything starring Tori Spelling. (OMG! Right?)

Knowing the aforementioned about moi; one could deduce I am usually late to the gate regarding current flicks. I read about them, visit the official website, obligatory MySpace page, check out the YouTube clips, etc.

So, after just watching, here's my take on SAW III:


Merlot Of The Moment

In the past I've often shied away from anything and everything labeled or categorized as "Bohemian". This is contradictory behavior on my part considering the term can be used to describe inhabitants of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic; part of my family lineage.

The modern use of the term is often used to describe "an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value..."; a trait I find in myself, and cannot deny.

I would have made a terrible mistake passing on Bohemian Highway California Merlot based on name alone. The wine description promises the palate a "soft, supple red that finishes with a burst of ripe raspberry fruit flavors."

And it delivers.

Another amusing note on the bottle's label (which immediately made me think of a certain someone): "This package is recyclable. Keep your karma clean."

CK Be 2.0

Technosexual: A person (usually a male) with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of gadgets. In this sense, it is a portmanteau word combining "technophile" and "metrosexual", which was first promoted by Ricky Montalvo to describe "a dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle and gadgets; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side but has fondness for electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, software, and the web."

Calvin Klein is targeting such individuals with a new fragrance and ad campaign.

If, When, Why, What

I downloaded the necessary audio editing software so that if I decide to try my hand at podcasting, I'm ready. I also snagged the flash player I see so many of you using.

I'm not terribly comfortable with the way my voice sounds, I never have been. That's never stopped me from talking.

On occasion I do listen to some hilarious podcasts, and they inspire me to want to make my own.

I've even got the intro song ready.

Yeah, you saw heard that coming.

I can't help but notice the file plays a bit slow. It could be that I encoded it incorrectly. Or that I hosted the file on Geocities. Or something else entirely.

Pack Of Three

David: "I bought a new toy today."
Me: "Oh?"
David: (drops pants)
Me: "Oh!"

Well, it's more fun than mine.

Chicken Soup For The Sole

Since I was running late (yet again) this morning, I decided to walk to work. The sad fact is I can get there faster versus waiting for the bus. Had I not, I would have missed the end result of a terrible accident. I could see the police cars and ambulance from the distance; when I got closer I could see the telephone pole splintered, almost falling over. Closer still, and I could see the black car wrapped around it.

From what I could see, another vehicle hit the driver's side of the car sending it into the pole.

I was busy watching the wreck being removed and not watching where I was stepping. I twisted my right leg the wrong way on a patch of ice (hey thanks, mother nature!) and it's already begun to swell a bit. The bottom of my foot hurts like hell as well because I refuse to sacrifice style for comfort as far as footwear is concerned.

Fast forward to this evening. A hot bath and some hot soup.
  • chicken stock
  • diced onions
  • diced carrots
  • diced celery
  • kluski egg noodles
  • tons of white chicken meat
  • fresh ground black pepper
  • fresh thyme
One of the easiest soups to make.

Card Trick

I miss my family. They've been on my mind a great deal the past few days and I don't like it one bit. Usually this means something is wrong (intuition?) but I just spoke to my Mother last night, and everyone's fine.

When I was younger we would spend family gatherings (holidays, birthdays, etc.) playing cards. Spades, actually. We pitied the family member who dared to pair up with Mom. One wrong glance across the table, one card played out of turn, and your ears would begin to bleed. The woman should have been an opera singer.

The game has a whole new meaning now; it's simply about getting together.

Maybe I'll pick up a deck or two today, just in case my Brother stops by this weekend.

I Thought I Saw A Man...

Visiting Ernie at LYD took me to this hilarious video and left me feeling nostalgic for the original. This in turn made me want to Google around a bit, and ultimately led me to the Wikipedia entry about my obsession of the moment.

I always wondered about 'the man in the video' and had no idea we played for the same team. Yummy, no?

Deal With It

McDreamy Isn't Listed

I hit the snooze button, like I always do, one too many times. Only this time the snooze button was on my phone and I neglected to charge the battery last night.

So began my Monday.

Arriving fifteen minutes late (not bad for not shaving and throwing on yesterday's clothing), I clocked in, collected my thoughts, and suddenly remembered I had yesterday's picked-up paycheck in my back pocket.

I was so exhausted I'd forgotten it was there. I opened the check and realized something was missing, mainly; money.

My insurance payments are finally being deducted from my paycheck. I am once again insured. It's not the greatest news, but for someone who worked the past seven and a half months with a cracked molar and no financial support to fix the problem; it helped make the day a bit more bearable.

I haven't chosen a primary care physician just yet, and I'm not sure how to go about finding a gay doctor considering I have a provided list of doctors I must choose from. Not that I must find a gay doctor, I just feel more comfortable explaining any man issues that may arise should I need to see aforementioned gay doctor.

Phone call: "Hi. I'm new to Cleveland and I just received my insurance information from your lovely, not so little company. Any fags working for you?"

I imagine it wouldn't go over too well.

The reality of me being a gay man and wanting a gay primary physician (in my mind) is not at all strange.

I like having a gay landlord, I prefer to shop at cute, quaint, gay owned shops, I work in a gay positive atmosphere in a fabulous gay ghetto.

I'm just not sure how to proceed with finding a gay doctor on my HMO plan.

It would be easier if selected entries listed in the directory had rainbow flags next to them. Or photos. 'Cause if he's hot, gay or not, I'd so make up some symptoms. Like, now.

King, Of Comedy

Patric King has a rather interesting (and at times quite amusing) Flickr photoset: MySpace Gothic, A cultural anthropology from MySpace.

Another PK created set: a collection of user-created art from LiveJournal.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Synaptic Templates On

Many years ago, Kurt Harland (of InSoc fame) and I tossed a few emails back and forth discussing his then solo InSoc project titled "Don't Be Afraid". I remember writing him about how I could preload Ridge Racer on my PSone (I told you it was many years ago) and then pop the game out, load in his new album, and race to the tracks on the disc.

Information Society recently reformed with a new lineup and released a video for "I Like The Way You Werk It" and included fan submitted footage.

Too bad Mama Gumola couldn't find that video of me doing the robot.

Still, I'm totally grooving to this.

I Laugh Even When I Don't Get It

The 31st Cleveland International Film Festival starts this month. I've collected a few promotional items during my daily travels: postcards, pamphlets, and a couple of program books. After visiting the festival's website this evening; the official ringtone. Also, check out my favorite trailer for the event.

I am rather impressed by the number of films being shown and the general hoopla surrounding this festival. It is apparently, in a word: HUGE.

And in other huge news, (mind out of the gutter, please) for the first time ever, the Rock Hall Induction Ceremony is going to be broadcast live on VH1 Classic. I find it bizarre the event is hosted in NYC while the actual Rock Hall is here.

Then again if it were hosted here, the front row of the audience would be filled with the homeless from the downtown area screaming the usual homeless from the downtown area greeting: "Hey man, can you spare $2?"

The Loco American Hero

I heart Ricky.

I Want To Believe

I present to you the very recent Plain Dealer article featuring local resident Michael Lee Hill, one of his UFO sightings, and the Cleveland Ufology Project website.

You may draw your own conclusions.

And speaking of bizarre: Alltel Chad's Sprint buddy is from Cleveland. Who knew?

Keep Feeling Adoration

David and I are at Deweys Fair Trade Coffee in the rather Gilmore Girls-esque area of Cleveland known as Shaker Square. I half expect to see Rory and her Mom pop in at any moment.

It's days like this I like to forget all my troubles and money woes (there are plenty), enjoy my coffee and companion (tall, blond, and sweet; my coffee and my man) and just sit back and really enjoy the beautiful day. "We get so few of them."

Do the same. Kiss the one you love. Hold hands, laugh at the wind, warm each other's hearts.

You won't regret it, I promise.

My Kind Of Tweaking

Yes, I'm trying something new. Yes, things will change slightly every thirty seconds or so (refresh the page and see for yourself!) because I can be that anal about change. And yes, I'm probably going to regret typing the word 'anal' into a post. I can just see the referral fun now...

I know nothing about AJAX but it makes for a cute sidebar, no? I'll add some color here, some fabric panels there, a bit of crown molding, and some fabulous throw pillows. Just wait and see.

I'm still against track lighting. I'm just saying.

WiFi City

From Cleveland.com: "Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson today proposed to bring wireless Internet access to all 77 square miles of the city."

This bit of news made my crappy day a bit brighter.


I met a man today who runs his own (small) production company. His girlfriend is an extra in the new Spider-Man flick, and he got to do some behind the scenes filming for the DVD. There are quite a few YouTube goodies out there from when the film crew was here. (I've linked to only one, there are several more listed on that page.)

I missed my opportunity to be cast as an extra; I'm so going to make it up by camping out on the red carpet for the premiere.

Do you think they'd let me pull a motor home up to the theater?