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Plastic Not So Fantastic

Today's issue of the NYT includes T:Style Magazine; Men's Spring Fashion 2007. A quick glance through the pages reveals slim suits, new wave haircuts, and a great deal of monochrome. Looking a bit more in depth (having time on the bus ride home to focus and actually read through the magazine) one discovers more.

Accessories. Lots of them. One of the first shops I visited in Cleveland was Clothing Brigade. I was shocked at the size of the necklace/pendant inventory. Tons. Of. Chains. Suddenly, everyone's wearing a medallion of some sort. The 'Bling Bang', if you will.

Spring = stripes. If we are to believe what the T tells us, stripes are visibly strong this season.

And back to the previously mentioned monochrome; It's back, but with a twist.

Flipping through the pages, I found myself nodding in agreement, shaking my head saying, "I will not wear a plastic fedora!", and finally, gasping. Losing my breathe at the sight of the perfect gift to introduce the boyfriend to my world while at the same time showing him I care about his.

Ladies and gentlemen, gaze upon the wonder that is the Chanel football.

Find me at the boutique when you're done laughing.

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