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Merlot Of The Moment

In the past I've often shied away from anything and everything labeled or categorized as "Bohemian". This is contradictory behavior on my part considering the term can be used to describe inhabitants of Bohemia, in the Czech Republic; part of my family lineage.

The modern use of the term is often used to describe "an unconventional artistic life, where self-expression is the highest value..."; a trait I find in myself, and cannot deny.

I would have made a terrible mistake passing on Bohemian Highway California Merlot based on name alone. The wine description promises the palate a "soft, supple red that finishes with a burst of ripe raspberry fruit flavors."

And it delivers.

Another amusing note on the bottle's label (which immediately made me think of a certain someone): "This package is recyclable. Keep your karma clean."

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