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Frank Gumola - Journal | Weblog

Frugal Me This

Conversing with the ladies at work, I realized I wasn't the only one among us happy about today being payday. I also realized I wasn't the only one with the soon to be remedied "Mother Hubbard Syndrome" - and happy to hit the grocery store after work. A few quotes, the final being my own:
    "I had a tin of biscuits smothered in pizza sauce topped with pepperoni and sliced mozzarella for dinner last night. Total cost: $5.49."
    "I had a box of frozen waffles with butter and syrup, fruit on the side. Total cost: $4.29."
    "I had pasta and meat sauce with homemade garlic bread. Made four servings, total cost: $2.09."
It totally played out like one of those Lean Cuisine diet commercials, but with an added "Where the hell do you shop?" war for extra penny pinching fun.

I'm a coupon clipping bitch, yo.

Ohio State Wrestling Team Has Talent

I have no idea how I missed this. Hilarious.


A quick note to all Cleveland Plain Dealer readers: The PD has very recently acquired a YouTube account.

That is all.

Cleveland Browns Stadium In One Minute

From MINUTEmaps.com, a very brief history of Browns Stadium.

Picnic Nitpick

Dear New Neighbor,

Hi! Welcome to the wonderful world of the Lake Avenue Suites! I'm sure you and your family will enjoy your new dwelling. While I have your attention, please permit me to touch upon a few points of politeness we here in the building deem to consider "Common Sense Practices":
  • While everyone in the building is encouraged to enjoy the courtyard, please enjoy just that: the courtyard. "The courtyard" is not the sidewalk directly in front of the door. Your indoor furniture looks marvelous outdoors and I'm sure the protective layer of plastic helps keep the little one's accidents from ruining the fine upholstered fabric. Still, it's a bit bulky and out of place in the middle of the doorway, don't you agree?
  • That "bang!" and "pow!" you heard while I tried to maneuver my way through your makeshift picnic (again, directly in front of the apartment entrance) was the sound of my man purse (containing one solidly built laptop) bouncing off of your young one's head. I swear I was as careful as I could be, and it was truly an accident. This time.
  • I'm fairly certain the birds will be happy to finish the pizza crusts you so lovingly threw at them, and with such precision! You really should play professional baseball. But the pepperoni slices on the sidewalk? An accident waiting to happen, dears.
Again, welcome to the building! Behave as if you have some brain cells and we'll get along just fine.

One more thing: I would have sent out handwritten invitations to all the neighbors. Lavender scented ones.

Minimal Bandwidth Movie Reviews 2

Another installment:
    Disturbia: Not so disturbing. Shia never gets shirtless, why bother?
    Breach: Pass the popcorn, it's Ryan time.
    Knocked Up: Stick to Grey's Anatomy, sweetie.


    "Dear Schnauss, What inspires you the most? - Jimmy in Chicago

    Inspiration inspires me. I get most of my ideas from real life - the runways in Milan, the Paris shows, Hermes in New York. And believe me, nothing is more "real" than fashion. Have you ever tried to change clothes seven times in an hour? Or do six lines of coke and stare at flashbulbs for two hours. It's way more "street" than "runway". I put all of that angst, anorexia, and jet lag into my work as a designer."
Been there? Get the t-shirt.

Grapes En Mass

I think my head just exploded. See you there.

What does one wear to a wine tasting on a grassy knoll near a large body of water you ask? Something stain resistant and waterproof, no doubt.

'Cause yeah, we all know I'm gonna end up doing a tuck, roll, and splash.

Maybe I should opt for the designated driver ticket.


Wrath Arcane

"We never want a model to sell our line. That's why we use the masks. Too many brands are 90% model, 10% clothing... and 0% about making our industry better."

Wrath Arcane is a Cleveland based clothing company I'm adoring right about now.

Two Firsts

David wraps up his stint with ESPN and ABC today. I stopped to see him around two in the afternoon yesterday and he had a few surprises waiting for me.

First, he picked me up in a cute club car in front of Quicken Loans Arena, parking his vehicle adjacent to that giant gold trophy. We then sped around the area for a bit while he proudly spewed forth fun facts about the event which I couldn't remember if my life depended on it. I was more interested in hunting down Eva Longoria.

Next, he surprised me by taking me to the ESPN/ABC catering tent (which was shrouded in secrecy...literally...tarped and hidden from passers by) where we lunched on anything I could get my hands on. Screw the diet, kids; we're talking Kraft Food Service like I've never seen.

We got back into our battery powered vehicle and drove through a series of tunnels, down a few ramps, made a sharp left and I suddenly found myself on the field, at Jacobs Field. I called Mama Gumola from somewhere between second and third base.

I'm happy for him. He treasures this experience. Despite our team losing (and by one little point) this has been one of the most exciting weeks of our lives.

The Cleveland Pride festivities begin tomorrow. David has never been to a Pride Parade, never celebrated a weekend like the one we're about to experience.

Let the games begin. Again.

How Was Your Day, Honey?

Highlights of my day:
  • I didn't miss the morning bus
  • My Elvis Chill was made correctly
Highlights of his day:
  • Lunched with Stuart Scott of ESPN SportsCenter, also in attendance: Julius Erving
  • Rode to the set of SportsCenter (at the Rock Hall) with aforementioned lunch companions and LeBron James
  • Was asked by Stuart Scott to serve as assistant in court side interviews at tomorrow night's game.
Yeah. He wins.

40 Years Of Respect

You go, girl.

The World Through His Eyes

He got home late, a bit exhausted and upset by the team's loss. Still, an exciting day nonetheless. Many more photos to come.

Wishful Thinking

One thing I look forward to every Sunday afternoon is thumbing through the magazine section of the NYT. I don't always have the time, and the paper will sit neatly piled among the weekend's "must read" stack for a few days.

I don't necessarily read through every article, and I almost always start reading from the back of the magazine. I have no idea why, this is simply something I've always done with magazines of any kind.

I pay special attention to the real estate listings. Once in a great while I come across a property that, simply put, takes my breath away.

A bit out of my price range, yes; although if his dream can come true, so can mine.

A Craigslist Wedding

This makes me smile.

(via mefi)

About That Media Coverage

David is finding himself in a rather happy little place right about now. He often gets little surprises at work, meeting a celebrity here, a professional athlete there. Today he hit the mother lode.

I got a call at about eight this morning from the boytoy (LOUDLY) informing me that he is working side by side with employees of his favorite media organization. All week long.

I doubt I'll be able to get him to stop working all this week.

On the bright side, I won't have to cook dinner for the next five days.

Update: The boyfriend just called informing me that he gets full media/press credentials for the next week. Bastard.

Expect Razr pics soonish.

To The Point

One of my co-workers takes part in a weekly dart tournament and only today did she decide to share the name of her team: Dart Vaders. Cute, no?

I grilled her for a moment about the other team names and she produced a piece of paper listing about a hundred or so team names. Here are the ones I found the most humorous:
  • Aer Lingus
  • Soy Captain
  • Alf's Darting Rebels
  • Felonious Darts
  • Dart Never Hurt Nobody
And I swear, I'm not making this last one up:
  • Darty Sanchez
Yeah, that one made me spill my morning latte.

People Are People

The sudden success of our fair city's basketball team has brought a recent flood of media and tourist types to the city. Something I hadn't quite noticed until this evening, traversing my usual after work route to the bus stop.

More lovely ladies in fashionable spring frocks stumbling along the city blocks, from club to club, loudly exclaiming and explaining (in between lip gloss applications) that they are "on the list".

Even more muscle clad meat heads clinging to the waify waists of aforementioned ladies, grunting and bellowing the usual mating calls and wolf whistles at any and every passer by of the female persuasion.

They aren't all bad, though.

One Croc clad gentleman offered me a ride on his motorcycle.

I would have accepted, had I not found his choice in footwear to be rather frightening.


Not surprisingly, this photo from my Flickr account has the most views right about now.

Twitter Tea Exchange

I called the Cleveland Post Office (Station A) and requested a package be redelivered to my workplace. My schedule doesn't jive well with the Post Office's hours; I thought this to be a normal request. My request was met with this reply:
    "We don't do that." Click. Dial tone.
Actually, "that" was pronounced "dat", and I'm fairly certain my request is done, and on a regular basis. Whatever, a walk run to the post office after work it is.

Ten minutes later, I entered the building exhausted and drenched. Thunderstorm, of course. ID? Check. Claim form? Check. Attitude from postal worker upon seeing my package is from the UK? Oh hell yes, check.
    "What you got here, hmmm?"
Despite the fact the package contents were clearly marked, and I didn't need to say anything, I decided to have a bit of fun.
    "Sex toys. Lots of them."
The postal clerk smiled, gently put the package on the counter, and very slowly slid the box toward me all the while keeping eye contact and a very straight face.

Who knew getting Yorkshire Tea, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, and a Crunchie Bar could be so much fun?

Thank you, Neil! I hope what I send your way brings this much excitement into your life.

Two, Going On Forever

The honeymoon is far from over. Happy Anniversary, darling.

Shall We Dance?

Frankiescopeā„¢ for Sunday, June 3, 2007:
    Today is a rather relaxing one for you, so much so that you will wake up late and as a result not have time to shave or manage to pull off a decent hairstyle before reporting to work. Oh, and that bright red spot on the tip of your nose? You won't notice it until someone else does. Your zit cream won't be in your manbag, anyway.

    You'll feel like you look; craptacular, but you'll still be hit on by a scruffy faced blonde.

    You go, girl.
I guess I can't really complain. I have the apartment to myself for the next twenty-four hours, and you know what that means: that's right, dancing naked while cleaning.

The Gift

Nothing terribly exciting going on around here, the least I can do is share a rather humorous recent Mama Gumola text:
    Oh, hai. Paid ur wireless bill for next 2 months. I can has regular calls now?
I really do need to call home more often.

At least it'll get her away from my brother's computer.

Women In Art