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Two Firsts

David wraps up his stint with ESPN and ABC today. I stopped to see him around two in the afternoon yesterday and he had a few surprises waiting for me.

First, he picked me up in a cute club car in front of Quicken Loans Arena, parking his vehicle adjacent to that giant gold trophy. We then sped around the area for a bit while he proudly spewed forth fun facts about the event which I couldn't remember if my life depended on it. I was more interested in hunting down Eva Longoria.

Next, he surprised me by taking me to the ESPN/ABC catering tent (which was shrouded in secrecy...literally...tarped and hidden from passers by) where we lunched on anything I could get my hands on. Screw the diet, kids; we're talking Kraft Food Service like I've never seen.

We got back into our battery powered vehicle and drove through a series of tunnels, down a few ramps, made a sharp left and I suddenly found myself on the field, at Jacobs Field. I called Mama Gumola from somewhere between second and third base.

I'm happy for him. He treasures this experience. Despite our team losing (and by one little point) this has been one of the most exciting weeks of our lives.

The Cleveland Pride festivities begin tomorrow. David has never been to a Pride Parade, never celebrated a weekend like the one we're about to experience.

Let the games begin. Again.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 6/15/07, 4:01 PM |  

    that's "let the gays begin", silly.

  2. Blogger Frankie | 6/15/07, 4:45 PM |  

    I almost typed that; considering the first set of games (the NBA Finals) were anything *but* gay, I decided against it.

    Still, it's funny.

  3. Blogger SportyGrrl | 6/19/07, 9:16 AM |  

    I was wondering if I would run into you on Saturday. Wouldn't that have been a coincidence: 2 gay people in Cleveland running into each at Pride?

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