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Triple Threat


From a discussion on MeFi:
"I have no doubt in my head that death is simply the end, there is no lingering existence to my consciousness and that when the lights fade, I simply won't be anymore. This idea, with relation to myself, doesn't bother me one bit.

When I think about it as it pertains to my my family, friends, and pets, it terrifies me. Every now and again, I have these gut wrenching moments when I realize that the people around me are going to be gone, and one day I'm going to have to deal with that.

I hate those moments."
As do I.


Brick By Brick

A view of The Bingham Building.


David and I attending the opening reception for artist Andrew Reach, held at the Tregoning Art Gallery earlier this evening.

With the artist's permission, I share one of my more favorite pieces from the exhibit. The exhibit runs through November 15th, and I strongly suggest you view (or purchase!) these wonderful works of art.

Say, Cheese!

Fifty pounds (ish) of Pecorino Romano cheese. I didn't even try to lift it.


12 inch vinyl of "Dancing On The Ceiling" doubles as a purse.



Self Portrait, Lake Avenue

Walking home from work. Lake Erie to my left, beautiful homes to my right.

Wrath Arcane Fall 08