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Frank Gumola - Journal | Weblog

Fruits Of Labor

My horoscope instructed me to reward myself for all my hard work of late.

I'm sitting on my patio enjoying a glass of merlot, there's a breeze coming in from the lake, and the silence is interrupted by the sound of church bells.

I raise my glass and think of you.

This And That With Frankie

I learned how to use the espresso maker at work. I will never again be sleepy. Ever.

I made nice with a Plain Dealer columnist, a local hip clothing store owner, and several local on-air personalities.

I want to be in print, look fabulous in jeans I can never afford, and the number of the man in charge of the botox parties said on-air personalities have obviously attended.

Also, last night while taking a shortcut home, I was not so politely informed that I was the wrong race to be walking that block.


My friend George called me and asked if I wanted to hit a local bar for a quick Long Island Iced Tea. Is there such a thing?

While I was enjoying my libation, a rather manly, very italian individual walked into the establishment and made a bee line to our table.

"You look like like my neighbor."

"Lucky man," was my reply. I got up to leave, "Later, neighbor."

"Wait! Can I get your name?"

I smiled and waved as I walked out the door.

I'm not single, nor am I dead.

Must See Drag Reality

I just got invited (via MySpace and by the author) to a reading in Legacy Village tomorrow evening.

Josh Kilmer Purcell will be reading from his best selling creation: "I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir".

The book covers a year in the author's life when he was moonlighting as a drag queen and living in a penthouse in NYC with his crack-addicted male escort boyfriend.

I am SO there. If anything; I'll leave feeling better about my own life.

Local Aural Stimulation

Go visit Rob and David for some aural fun.

Watt Watch

Ten years ago I had my elbows on the stage as Tracy sang to my soul and Ben did his thing just a few feet behind her.

This month the male half of Everything But The Girl, Ben Watt will be spinning some vinyl at a nearby club.

Nothing short of Lake Erie swallowing me whole will keep me from that show.

And I don't do lakes.

Unless an impressive yacht is involved.

Will Work For WiFi

I just got hired part time at one of the locations I'd hoped to hear from. I was surprised they called; they were worried I was over qualified and would be bored and/or leave once something better came along. I report to work at 8 tomorrow morning.

I was also hired (not sure if it's full or part time yet) at the other business I'd hoped to hear from. They open later in the evening and I'm guessing my training period will be about a week or so. Only I'm not sure when training starts or when I'll find out. But the employer above is fine with me working another job; let's hope employer number two is just as flexible. (They are two entirely different work atmospheres and are in no way in competetion with one another.)

I just might be able to make this work out after all.