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Twitter Tea Exchange

I called the Cleveland Post Office (Station A) and requested a package be redelivered to my workplace. My schedule doesn't jive well with the Post Office's hours; I thought this to be a normal request. My request was met with this reply:
    "We don't do that." Click. Dial tone.
Actually, "that" was pronounced "dat", and I'm fairly certain my request is done, and on a regular basis. Whatever, a walk run to the post office after work it is.

Ten minutes later, I entered the building exhausted and drenched. Thunderstorm, of course. ID? Check. Claim form? Check. Attitude from postal worker upon seeing my package is from the UK? Oh hell yes, check.
    "What you got here, hmmm?"
Despite the fact the package contents were clearly marked, and I didn't need to say anything, I decided to have a bit of fun.
    "Sex toys. Lots of them."
The postal clerk smiled, gently put the package on the counter, and very slowly slid the box toward me all the while keeping eye contact and a very straight face.

Who knew getting Yorkshire Tea, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, and a Crunchie Bar could be so much fun?

Thank you, Neil! I hope what I send your way brings this much excitement into your life.

  1. Blogger Turtle | 6/5/07, 2:58 PM |  

    Mmmmm Uncle Joe's Mint Balls, I hadn't heard of them before, but they look mighty special.

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