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He's Probably A Nice Guy

If a man you've never met before suddenly strikes up a conversation and tosses a statement about not hitting on your boyfriend, "I swear" in there, chances are he's lying.

This has happened to David and I quite a few times, and by now we simply laugh it off and engage in what undoubtedly turns out to be meaningless, yet polite banter.

In a rare turn of events, the gentleman in question was sincere, and looking to make new friends. Something the boyfriend and I have had a hard time doing since our arrival last July. Making 'bar' friends after a few cocktails is easy; making friends while sober and while enjoying those first few sips of round one can be a bit tricky, for me anyway.

Newsflash: I've got trust issues ya'll.

Our new friend and I talked about technology, Cleveland East versus Cleveland West, and the fact that David and I were so far apart in age.

I admitted to being thirty-eight, he admitted to being shocked.

The three of us ended up meeting up at another local watering hole later in the night and before saying our goodbyes, exchanged phone numbers.

He called my mobile a few days ago and left a nice little voice message. Nothing out of the ordinary, a simple inquiry as to what was going on in our neck of the woods that evening.

I deleted the message and never called the guy back.

I feel a bit guilty for not telling David.

But then again, David's not the one he wasn't hitting on, I swear.

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