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Offensive Behavior

One of my coworkers is a registered sex offender.

I know this because:
  • finding the information online is easy
  • a complete stranger told me causing my inquiring mind to wander the web
The complete stranger isn't a complete stranger, but someone who frequents my workplace a few times a week.

I've always Googled my dates, prospective employers, that pesky dry patch of skin on my elbow.

I never thought twice about researching coworkers and dirty little secrets.

Checking various community 'watchdog' sites reveals that I should be a little wary about walking around this neighborhood at night; one of my neighbors, he lives just across the street, is also a registered sex offender.

As is the man down the street.

And three of his neighbors.

And if I change the search query to include a five mile radius?

Time to think about moving.

  1. Blogger Brian | 5/24/07, 8:19 AM |  

    Co-workers and neighborhood are things I've avoided Googling for crimes and stuff because it's just a little too weird.

    I did look at the sex offender search for my area a few years back and found a lot of little dots popping up on the map around me. I know there are various levels of offenses, but it was still freaky.

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