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Hot, Bothered

I've never felt comfortable calling in sick, but that's just what I did yesterday. I woke after a night out with David, only to fall right back down into bed, dizzy, feverish and still a bit exhausted.

Perhaps a bit of bad food from the night before? Whatever it was, it kept me indoors and on the sofa the entire day. Blankets, pillows, really bad 80's movies and the attention of an extremely attentive boytoy; and I feel almost one hundred percent better.

I read as much as I can possibly unearth when it comes to two of my favorite television shows; but even I didn't see the ending of last night's Desperate Housewives coming until the scene played out.

I'm still disturbed by the fact that such a strong character would choose such a weak escape from 'reality'. I know, it's fiction. I know, it's a television show.

Still, it bothers me.

A great deal.

  1. Anonymous Kevin | 5/27/07, 9:08 PM |  

    I said the same thing, Edie, the REAL Edie that we all came to know and love, would NEVER have chosen such a cop out way of ending it...and over a MAN no less! Just completely unbelievable and out of character. At this point, who knows if it was all faked or what, but if it's real and that's the end of her, I'll be very disappointed in the writers for that lame stunt.

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