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Vintage Cleveland

In an effort to satisfy my seemingly never ending visual craving for all things fashion, I logged into my Flickr account and began viewing profiles and random sets of photos.

Searching for "Cleveland Fashion" returned some interesting results; one set caught my eye immediately.

From the user's profile:
    "The United States Census Bureau has ranked Cleveland the poorest large city in the nation with 32.4 percent of the population below the poverty line. Don't be fooled, the pictures contained within this page are not documents of a bygone era or economic hardship. SGS chronicles modern living in Cleveland. We have a deep respect for the Density of Life and all the beauty that Randomness places upon us.

    While the nation's gaze is fixed on an unattainable pixelated dream, a new Wisdom has been birthed in our beloved City. We have opened our eyes to a new reality; a reality that rests behind the textual veils of Commercial Speak and Government Data.

    Knowing now that the mountaintop is Cleveland we welcome you with Loving Tolerance. Our Mercy and Humility is a gently polished pearl within The Golden Den.

    As a gift to those who have left us and those who will never come; we present you with digitized reproductions of the Gateways to Wisdom.

    Enjoy your journey and embrace scarcity wherever you may find it."
Pouring over each and every one of the 409 photos in this set is certainly one long, beautiful journey.

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