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What Towel?

It's been the week from hell, kids.

Ever since the boytoy and I moved to Cleveland, I've felt as though we've been fighting an uphill battle just to keep our heads above water. This week brought about a string of bad luck (there's really no other way to describe it) and I honestly thought about throwing in the towel and moving back home to Warren.

For about a minute.

I took a long walk along the beach, let the water lap at my toes, and got a good look at the city while the sun went down.

I just let the negativity go away. I filled my mind with his smile, thoughts of our future together, and realized that anything worth having isn't always easy to obtain.

But seriously? I wouldn't wish the week I've had on my worst enemy.

OK, yes I would. But only that one person.

  1. Anonymous Betty | 5/11/07, 6:47 PM |  

    Dude! There's a beach in Cleveland?!! Fancy!

    I was never good at geography.

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