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Homo Don't Play That

The small art gallery just down the street from my apartment is gone. The spot is now home to urban style clothing, faux (but cute) designer sunglasses, and incense.

I've seen the owner pass out grand opening announcements to each and every car at the nearby traffic light. Red light? Have a flier. Green light? Please don't run over my robe, I'll kindly get out of your way.

David and I were returning home from an afternoon of coffee, fruit smoothies, and quiet time when I walked passed the storefront window.

I noticed Green Tea incense wrapped in ribbon.

It is important for you to know that anything wrapped in ribbon and labeled 'Green Tea', 'English Garden', 'Gardenia', or 'Lavender' will get my attention. And if it smells good? Sold.

David knows this and does his best to keep my wallet from harm's way. He'll even plan our walking route accordingly, keeping me from impulse purchases. Remind me to tell you about the Hello Kitty skull and crossbones bejeweled belt buckle, in blue.

The boyfriend's mind must have been wandering a bit yesterday afternoon because before he knew what happened he was taking two steps forward, alone. I was in the store making my purchase.

I was asked to peruse the triple extra large t-shirts. I declined. A weave? No thanks, I'm really not interested. But thanks for noticing the huge alternative lifestyle sign on my forehead and welcoming me inside anyway. Just the incense, thanks.

What's this? A free sample of mystery body oil? Score.

I returned to David's side, it couldn't have taken more than three or four minutes to complete my purchase. I commented on the pleasant attitude of the owner and made a mental note to go back for some sunglasses.

I'd love to show my support for this new neighborhood business by purchasing more wearable goods; it's just that I really don't have the desire to wear a shirt that fits like a dress.

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