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How on earth did I ever miss this?

When I was a kid my Mother took me to Randall Park Mall quite a bit. During my early teens I was permitted to take the bus to the mall alone and would spend a number of Saturday afternoons exploring the complex. It kept me busy, and out of trouble.

My time there also introduced me to the wonderful world of electronics and sparked my interest in computers and computer gaming. I'd often spend entire Saturdays in the company of the staff of the Electronics Boutique (now EB Games) tinkering with the TI or Commodore 64 computers. I still remember the three staff members who'd basically babysit me by letting me have full reign of the store and any console I wanted to get my greedy little hands on.

One day while en route to EB, I noticed that Mr. T was going to be signing autographs at one of the mall's bookstores. I told Mom, and both of us being huge fans of The A-Team, we decided to attend the signing.

I'm still creeped out by the memory of Mr. T leering at my Mom. But yeah, it totally happened.

And yeah, she totally blushed.

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