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Fine Thanks, You?

I haven't much to write about this evening, so I'll simply mention a few things:
    I'm working more, and I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. Lack of sleep adds to my stress level, which we all know needs to go down. Way down. Yoga class on my next day off.

    Again, left the mobile at home. Upon retrieving messages, found out Mom still doesn't understand voice mail can't be heard by me until I check the messages. She asks questions and waits for me to pick up the phone. Bless her heart. Yet, (as previously mentioned) she recently mastered texting and today I got the famous family pizzelle recipe.

    I adore my gift from my friend Patty and am making use of it at this very moment. No. Get your own cool friend named Patty.

    My Monday after-work plans might have changed, thanks to Tim. I said might have changed. I'm going to do my best to be there.
Now go for a walk, or something. The weather's beautiful. Race you to the beach?

  1. Anonymous daniel | 5/6/07, 5:50 PM |  

    i really DO have a cool friend named patty!!

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