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This Is How You Remind Me

A man with one leg kicked me from behind this morning.

At first I thought it may have been an accident. Upon turning around I realized he had dropped his wallet and his kick was a cry for help. He couldn't speak and used one of his crutches to point to the wallet.

At first I was irritated, then ashamed that I allowed myself to get the slightest bit angry.

Either more mentally challenged unfortunate souls are moving into the neighborhood, or I'm just now becoming aware of their presence.

There's the 'use the lipstick once and throw it away' lady, the 'I may have one tooth but I can't stop smiling and drooling' man, the 'I'm blind as a bat but refuse to wear glasses and feel my way around' senior citizen, and the tattooed freak who resembles Julia Roberts and her bushy brows from Pretty Woman. He (yes, he) lisps and has breasts.

Times might be tough, but even I know when to shut the hell up and stop complaining.

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