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More Million / Billion News

By now you should all know about my love for all things Gavin Bellour.

From a recent MySpace bulletin:
    "Hey Y'all,

    The Million / Billion song 'MILK & HONEY' will be featured on the final episode of KING OF QUEENS this coming Monday (5/14) at 9pm on CBS.

    The full song will accompany a montage of clips from the show's 9-year history.

    King of Queens creator, Michael Weithorn actually dropped us a line personally to let us know how much he loved the album and that if the song was around 9 years ago, he and the show's star, Kevin James, decided they would have used it as a theme.

    Oh well, next time i guess ...

    In the Meantime, set your Tivos and snuggle up with a loved one. The montage will air at the end of the show around 9:25ish."
With Gavin's blessing, I uploaded this short video about the band to YouTube. Enjoy.

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