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Wishful Thinking

One thing I look forward to every Sunday afternoon is thumbing through the magazine section of the NYT. I don't always have the time, and the paper will sit neatly piled among the weekend's "must read" stack for a few days.

I don't necessarily read through every article, and I almost always start reading from the back of the magazine. I have no idea why, this is simply something I've always done with magazines of any kind.

I pay special attention to the real estate listings. Once in a great while I come across a property that, simply put, takes my breath away.

A bit out of my price range, yes; although if his dream can come true, so can mine.

  1. Anonymous daniel | 6/12/07, 6:33 PM |  

    HAH! we have the same dream... sadly you have to play to win and i never remember.

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