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Frugal Me This

Conversing with the ladies at work, I realized I wasn't the only one among us happy about today being payday. I also realized I wasn't the only one with the soon to be remedied "Mother Hubbard Syndrome" - and happy to hit the grocery store after work. A few quotes, the final being my own:
    "I had a tin of biscuits smothered in pizza sauce topped with pepperoni and sliced mozzarella for dinner last night. Total cost: $5.49."
    "I had a box of frozen waffles with butter and syrup, fruit on the side. Total cost: $4.29."
    "I had pasta and meat sauce with homemade garlic bread. Made four servings, total cost: $2.09."
It totally played out like one of those Lean Cuisine diet commercials, but with an added "Where the hell do you shop?" war for extra penny pinching fun.

I'm a coupon clipping bitch, yo.

  1. Blogger yllwdaisies | 8/10/07, 11:35 AM |  

    As you can see I'm totally going through your archives. Just wanted to say that this is a fantastic use of the word 'yo'.

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