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McDreamy Isn't Listed

I hit the snooze button, like I always do, one too many times. Only this time the snooze button was on my phone and I neglected to charge the battery last night.

So began my Monday.

Arriving fifteen minutes late (not bad for not shaving and throwing on yesterday's clothing), I clocked in, collected my thoughts, and suddenly remembered I had yesterday's picked-up paycheck in my back pocket.

I was so exhausted I'd forgotten it was there. I opened the check and realized something was missing, mainly; money.

My insurance payments are finally being deducted from my paycheck. I am once again insured. It's not the greatest news, but for someone who worked the past seven and a half months with a cracked molar and no financial support to fix the problem; it helped make the day a bit more bearable.

I haven't chosen a primary care physician just yet, and I'm not sure how to go about finding a gay doctor considering I have a provided list of doctors I must choose from. Not that I must find a gay doctor, I just feel more comfortable explaining any man issues that may arise should I need to see aforementioned gay doctor.

Phone call: "Hi. I'm new to Cleveland and I just received my insurance information from your lovely, not so little company. Any fags working for you?"

I imagine it wouldn't go over too well.

The reality of me being a gay man and wanting a gay primary physician (in my mind) is not at all strange.

I like having a gay landlord, I prefer to shop at cute, quaint, gay owned shops, I work in a gay positive atmosphere in a fabulous gay ghetto.

I'm just not sure how to proceed with finding a gay doctor on my HMO plan.

It would be easier if selected entries listed in the directory had rainbow flags next to them. Or photos. 'Cause if he's hot, gay or not, I'd so make up some symptoms. Like, now.

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