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I Laugh Even When I Don't Get It

The 31st Cleveland International Film Festival starts this month. I've collected a few promotional items during my daily travels: postcards, pamphlets, and a couple of program books. After visiting the festival's website this evening; the official ringtone. Also, check out my favorite trailer for the event.

I am rather impressed by the number of films being shown and the general hoopla surrounding this festival. It is apparently, in a word: HUGE.

And in other huge news, (mind out of the gutter, please) for the first time ever, the Rock Hall Induction Ceremony is going to be broadcast live on VH1 Classic. I find it bizarre the event is hosted in NYC while the actual Rock Hall is here.

Then again if it were hosted here, the front row of the audience would be filled with the homeless from the downtown area screaming the usual homeless from the downtown area greeting: "Hey man, can you spare $2?"

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