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Swing Me To Sleep

It seems the fine folks producing the new Spider-Man movie are looking through the prospects today, kids. While I'm excited about the idea of going, I'm honestly to lazy to get my butt to downtown Cleveland. Besides, my much younger, much straighter brother called this afternoon to ask what my plans were for the day.

the youngest one of all
The phone call went a little something like this:
Me: "Hey. What's up?"
He: "Nothing. I'm not going to work later tonight. Can I come hang with you and (the boyfriend)?"
Me: "Sure. Anytime, you know that."
He: "Um, can I hang all day?"
Me: "Mom's in a mood, huh? Come on, over. The boyfriend's making dinner tonight."
He: "..."
Me: "Don't worry. Gay breakfast time has come and gone. This evening we're dining on straight food."
He: "Sweet! Click. Dialtone."
I suspect I have time to get in a nap before he gets here. Then again, I'm too excited to sleep. Second only to quality boyfriend time is quality younger brother time.

My brother was in a car acident last year, just before Christmas. He lost control of his car on a winding country road just two miles from home. His car flipped mid-air, taking two trees out of the ground during the crash. He was able to get out of the car and call for help. A helicopter tried to land to get him, but there was too much snow coming down, and the area was entirely too foggy. They couldn't see him.

He broke his left femur in half (yep, it's the big bone, kids), and tore his liver in a few places.

After seeing the blood covered vehicle and taking his injuries into account, I can only imagine where he got the strength or how he was even able to exit the twisted metal sculpture that was once his car.

I found out about the accident while I was at work. I hadn't clocked in yet and my cell phone started vibrating in my pocket. The caller ID showed that it was my Mother. She knew I was working, and didn't call the main line of the business. Something was wrong.

After my brother's surgery I bought him a stuffed bear angel with his initials stitched in it's chest. He keeps it on his car's dashboard.

Quality Sunday boyfriend and younger brother time. I couldn't be any happier right now. Unless of course my new nephew was here.

Don't get me started, I swear I'll cry.

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