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Everybody, Everybody!

Straight, gay, or bisexual. It didn't matter this evening, kids. I spent the night in the company of fellow coworkers at a local gay favorite with the boyfriend and just about Every. Single. Person. I spend my workday work with. Highlights from this night of debauchery include the following:
  • J*, aka 'Straighty' got his wish and was hit on by "an ugly chick with a penis".
  • A*, the innocent straight girl of the bunch, took photos of the evening's events and promises to mail them to me soon for your viewing pleasure.
  • P*, the totally straight, absolutely beautiful manager whom I am very much in lust with; danced the night away with myself and a few straight girls as long as I stayed on the dance floor with the honeys. I stayed, he danced. Who wouldn't?
  • D*, the player of players, (whom is, by every definition of the word, a beautiful straight man) decided to cause a commotion and "call me out" with a few 'dance offs' including the obligatory "I'm tying my t-shirt into a knot and calling you out, bitch" move; to which I responded with by grinding my crotch against JH*'s voluptuous and extremely exposed chest area. I know how to get my groove on, kids. Yes, I do.
All in all, it was a night I will never forget. And judging by the photos I saw that you will soon see; neither will you. I sincerely wish you were there.

And one more final, positive note: The boyfriend and I finally decided on our rings.
*names have been omitted to protect both my employment and the innocent.

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