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And Bingo Was His Name-Oh!

The entry below was intended to be posted at about three o'clock this morning. However, due to circumstances totally in my control, it was not. My blogger dashboard sat on my monitor until I got home from work this afternoon.

Every Thursday night I venture east about a block and a half from my apartment to the city's only 'alternative' dance bar. Once there, I host a little two hour time slot titled: "Funk'd Up Bingo". Now, mind you...I'm no professional bingo caller. Hell, I begin the evening with: "Welcome to Funk'd Up Bingo! My name is Frankie and I will be handling your balls this evening!"

It's all in the comedic delivery, kids.

The bar is never particularly crowded during this night and time but the fifteen or so of us that are in attendance usually crack several one-liners throughout the evening.

The curtain goes up:

Me: "I twenty six, I twenty six."
SRVFTOEOTB*: "You wish!"

...And, scene.

Yeah, good times.

*(some random voice from the other end of the bar)

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