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So NoTORIous, Indeed

I always get flack to for admitting that I have a soft spot for Tori Spelling. Still love her kids, no matter what you say. I'm very much looking forward to her new scripted 'reality' slash 'comedy' series; So NoTORIous. Judging from the Vh1 promos I've seen and all the press I've read, Tori finally gets the fact that she should stop doing "Mother, May I (fillintheblankshe'sdoneseveral)" movies of the week for every other network for women and gay men.

From the New York Times article: 'The opening of the premiere episode (Sunday at 10 p.m.) is like a highlight reel of humiliation.

"I've heard it all," Ms. Spelling said in a telephone interview during a vacation in Colorado. "I'd rather be making the joke than other people making it. So why not?"

On the show, she hangs out with her snarky friends, lives in a condo with a roommate, wages a passive-aggressive war with her mother and fears running into her former "90210" co-star Shannen Doherty.'

Don't even think of calling me during Tori time.

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