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The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Just before I snuggled in for some Tori TV time this evening (see here for a refresher) I got to spend some quality Ma Bell time with my Long Distance Soul Assistance.

Oh. Did. We. Dish. (btw, the boyfriend was fine with our obnoxious fits of laughter, he simply turned up the volume.)

Two years worth of gossip and jokes in one marathon phone session. And then poof! All was once right again with my own little world.

I then pulled an old javascript from a former home and if you refresh the screen, you should see the title of the site change. I've tested this in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. Having accomplished that teeny task, I popped on to here for a minute and once again, another little gem in my inbox:

"I looked at down at Tori's Manolo Blahnik boots—then my own filthy Vans."

Yeah...that's how I'd feel if I'd been there with you. Only I'd never wear Vans. Ever.

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