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Katie Made Me Do It

I've always admired individuals with the gift of song. If you can carry a tune, I swoon.

This is probably why I spent so many years pursuing boyfriends of the lead singer kind. It's sad when I think about it now, all those wasted years wanting only men in bands. Pathetic.

But enough about that.

I haven't got the greatest singing voice in the world, I know. I hardly ever sing in public and when I do, rest assured many a martini has been ingested.

The first time I ever braved the microphone (on a tiny little stage, under a very hot spotlight) I found myself trembling, staring at a blank monitor waiting in nervous anticipation for Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me" to cue up.

The song choice seemed an obvious one given the situation.

What I never told anyone was that earlier that day I had been watching a Dawson's Creek marathon and after seeing Katie's character belt it out, I thought I'd try it that evening.

My rendition went over quite well. Either that, or all of my friends were extremely intoxicated.

I still can't sing as well as I'd like, but I have found enough confidence to expand my selections. The songs of Blondie, Tasmin Archer, and The Verve can often be heard coming from mouth.

But only after a little liquid courage, and with Joey on my mind.

  1. Blogger wulf_eh | 3/28/07, 10:29 PM |  

    I think I will have to avoid the booze tomorrow at our company's karaoke night. I wouldn't dare expose my voice to the public.

    Which is a shame. I have always wanted to be a rock star.

  2. Blogger Will | 3/29/07, 2:13 AM |  

    I can't sing at all, so now I know why you were never attracted to me. So unattracted to me, in fact, that you moved away from Virginia before I moved back.

  3. Blogger Frankie | 3/29/07, 2:19 AM |  

    So, so terribly untrue. Smooch.

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