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MySpace Will Censor You

Rather than send out a hundred or so emails informing others of what I'm up to for the evening, I thought I'd simply pop on over to MySpace and post a bulletin about it.

In said bulletin I linked to my Flickr account, my YouTube account, and this weblog.

I waited the required five minutes and found the bulletin was never posted. I waited another five, and another.

A little Google Fu later, I realized I'm not the only noticing this.

I immediately posted another bulletin mentioning the censorship (no links in this one) and it was posted as soon as I clicked the 'post bulletin' button.

Really. MySpace, what are you so afraid of?

  1. Blogger wulf_eh | 3/30/07, 8:31 AM |  

    every day i find a new reason to leave myspace behind...

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