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Broadway Babes And The Boys Who Love Them

A summary of last night's festivities:

best. boyfriend. ever.

Descriptions left to right, row by row: David decided to wear Hugo, I opted for vintage looking Michael Kors. Our pre show beverages of choice, and after the show Blue Moon beer hit the spot. Cameras are not permitted inside The Palace Theater; I snagged a pic with my Razr anyway, and five fabulous seconds (not the greatest quality - I was terrified of being caught) of Joan Collins during the curtain call.

Related - A late night textversation immediately following the show:

Me: "I got five seconds of the Legends curtain call. Joan fucking Collins. I'm gonna YouTube it later. Fuzzy quality, but I got it. W00t!"
He: "You are the most gay friend I will ever have. I mean that with the highest of awe. Love you."

I'm notorious (there's such a pun there, trust me) about keeping my YouTube videos private. But this one, I had to share.

The seats were amazing. I wish I could bottle the look on David's face the moment the ladies took to the stage.

I will never forget last night, ever.

But just in case Alzheimer's decides to one day pay me a visit, I have these wonderful mementos to serve as a refresher.

And the card David gave me today, thanking me for being his date last night.

  1. Anonymous daniel | 3/22/07, 2:05 AM |  

    you boys lookited SOO good!

  2. Blogger Frankie | 3/22/07, 3:00 AM |  

    As you can see, I repaired what I emailed you about. Stupid Blogger. And thanks! David's due for a haircut though. :)

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