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Babe In Toyland

I do believe it is now time to focus my attention on a very important issue: Miso's entertainment.

Until recently, one of us has always been home with Miss Miso Kitty. David's recent employment upgrade changed that, and Miso has not been too happy about the situation. She's decided that anything and everything has become a personal chew toy.

Selected items of her aggression affection to date:
  • two pair of ear buds
  • several books of matches (from a collection)
  • various scraps of paper
  • plastic bread bags
  • an issue of OUT
  • a bus schedule
  • a bus pass
  • a winning lottery ticket($10.00)
A trip to the pet store is in order, stat.

The poor dear wants nothing but attention, love, and the occasional fuzzy yarn ball.

Which she made out of one of my Calvin Klein sweaters.

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