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Going Places

YBJ phoned earlier in the day. Midday workday phone calls from family freak me out. Ever since I got one from my Mom informing me of YBJ's terrifying car accident. This one, however, was a 'good news' phone call.

YBJ is auditioning for Blair Underwood's (a Carnegie Mellon University grad) Pittsburgh project: "The Bridge To Nowhere".

Josh can often be seen with his homies around the Youngstown/Cleveland/Pittsburgh area (Wearing a t-shirt hanging below his knees, pants large enough to house a small family, and sunglasses bigger than any pair Paris Hilton owns - but who am I to judge?) microphone in hand, tossing words from his mouth to a hip-hop beat.

Something tells me his auditioning for a movie about drugs, pimps, and prostitutes fits him perfectly.

Unlike his t-shirts.

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