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Ready, Settee, Go

I'm thirty-nine and only now do I own furniture I actually like.

Technically I won't own it until sometime next week when I make the single and final payment for it.

When David and I moved here last year, we "borrowed" the furniture from a friend who moved into the same building. He didn't need it and has been letting us use it since we moved in. I fell in love with the set and only recently began discussing buying the pieces from their rightful owner. I've had difficulty finding a sofa (in my price range - which is quite low) that not only looks good, but feels good. Sunday afternoon naps are important, kids. An hour or two of PS2 games and cozy coffee conversations are enough relaxation to lull me to sleep.

A sofa, loveseat, wingback chair, two square ottomans (used in place of a coffee table) and an area rug. (Rug not shown in the photo below.)

Apologies, details are hard to notice in this photo.

I've moved around so much in my life; I've always purchased "disposable" pieces from thrift stores and family members. Which, of course, have been flawlessly painted and/or slipcovered to perfection.

Someone once actually commented on a loveseat I once owned:
    "This looks exactly like something Ralph Lauren would manufacture."
I never told him I paid fifty dollars for the loveseat and another fifty for the custom slipcover. Employee discount and discontinued fabric, natch.

I can't afford it, of course. There have been a few vet/dental emergencies here in our happy home recently and the "I'm moving and either need the furniture or money for it" phone call couldn't have come at a worse time.

Thanks to an understanding employer and payroll deductions, it's mine. Until we decide it's time to move and don't want to rent a U-haul.

If and when that happens, YBJ has dibs.

  1. Blogger Cyrus | 10/24/07, 9:11 PM |  

    I'm experiencing the same bizarre permanance through furniture thing. We actually recently had a soiree to celebrate the coming of our new Ikea sofa.

    Growing up is weird.

  2. Blogger Frankie | 10/24/07, 9:47 PM |  

    Do we have to? Grow up, I mean.


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