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His Left Hook

I got the phone call at about 3:15 this afternoon:
    He: "I'm being detained by the police."
    Me: "WHAT?! What happened?"
    He: "I assaulted someone."
    Me: "Again, what happened?"
    He: "I was walking home from the grocery store and some guy called me a 'faggot'. I asked him if he had a problem and he took a swing at me. He missed, I didn't. He hit his head on the pavement and needs stitches. Several people witnessed the whole thing and the incident is being recorded as self defense. Dinner will be late."
    Me: "Well, as long as the pasta sauce survived. Oh, and that you're OK."
I don't usually worry about him, but sometimes...you know?

  1. Blogger jhames | 10/17/07, 10:30 PM |  

    I love it when sauce has a little special something, like capers.

  2. Blogger Sam | 10/20/07, 1:18 PM |  

    Jhames, that might be the best worst pun ever.

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