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Another Missed Audition

    "Don't miss this rip-roaring elimination contest that puts 10 wannabe Personal Assistants through their paces, as they fight it out to be Pete Burns right hand man or woman.

    They need all the skills of a celebrity PA, the organisation, calmness, media savvy, discretion and communication skills.

    But they also have to able to deal with Pete Burns the person. Caustic putdowns, whimsical demands, outrageous blagging and an ability to be unshocked by absolutely everything Pete's crazy world throws at them, whether that's emergency botox, a tantrum over the loss of his make-up bag or a crazed fan jumping over the fence at 6am."
Commercial for Pete's PA

I've really got to find a way to watch this program. I wish someone would do something like this here in Cleveland. What? Seriously? Oh.

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