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The Frankie Sessions: Explained

I realized not too long ago that I neglected to explain the title of my original and first "Frankie Sessions" post. As you may recall, I (with some wonderful input from Jhames) interviewed Gavin Bellour.

Jhames totally deserves credit for the title "The Frankie Sessions".

The Sessions will continue; I've sent out emails to a few other "celebs", guaranteeing my stalker status. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a certain someone will reply soon. Seriously, girl. If not, I'm going to set a record for the most annoying fan, EVER.

As a follow-up to that original post, I wanted to let you know that Gavin is working on a new movie and can also be seen in commercials for the following companies: Heineken, Volkswagon, and Tide. And if you listen carefully, you can hear him in some upcoming Frito's commercials.

Don't forget to visit the official Million/Billion website and MySpace page to see when the band will be performing near you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got yet another email to compose. Right after I get some laundry done.

And yes, I know which of the two machines is the washer.

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