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Food, Glorious Food

My boss phoned this evening, happily offering this bit of information:After a few minutes of mindless chatting about the show, while surfing about the show, I suddenly realized Giada De Laurentiis was billed as one of the celebrity guest chefs. And then I got a bit happy:
    "I will die if I don't meet her. OK, I won't die, but get me in there."
So now I'm waiting for my confirmation email.

So what if I have to volunteer to drink pour wine for six hours? I get in, and hopefully get to share a glass with Giada.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 10/13/07, 1:17 AM |  

    We do have something in common, other than being family!!!

    Take care Frank.

    Belated happy birthday, been away for a while.


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