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Cool, Creepy, Copy Cat

I've been experimenting with some Photoshop filters and techniques again.

My latest obsession (and I mean obsession; do you know how hard it is to emulate this look with photos from a Razr? Sweet Mother, it's not easy!) has been trying to copy the look of photographer Dave Hill. A simple High Pass filter can only deliver so much; a few other added tweaks can (sometimes) bring desired results.

This is the result of my first try, using a photo of my gorgeous (I AM NOT BIASED, she's just that damn beautiful) niece, Chloe.



I tried experimenting with the puppy we all know and love as Vincenzo; the results (ALL MY OWN FAULT) made him look like a rabid wolf. I've got a bit more experimenting to do before I post those photographic masterpieces.

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