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Holy Cow

If I had an extra $100 (or more) this would be what I would be doing this Saturday night:
    "...The evening will include a recreation of the famous Studio 54 nightclub, Warhol wigs, an installation of Andy Warhol's famous sculpture entitled Silver Clouds, video footage of Warhol and his social milieu and Polaroid cameras capturing highlights of the evening. Guests will be invited to dress in 60's or 70's attire as they become immersed in an environment that simulates the burgeoning consumerism and volatility of Warhol's era. The evening will include a feast of gourmet food stations, savory desserts, open bar, music, dancing, a live auction and a silent auction featuring Warholesque works of the students of the Cleveland Public Schools in which proceeds will benefit Cleveland youth. VIP passes will be available for purchase to the special "Factory" exhibition that recreates Warhol's studio and to gain access to a VIP martini bar..."
The Warhol event, here in Cleveland. One of the items up for auction:

Cow, 1971, Screenprint on wallpaper, 45 1/2" x 29 3/4"

Quick, give me a blank check.

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