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The Long Walk

Picture it if you will: I'm casually walking out of the mega complex en route to the bus stop. The weather couldn't be more beautiful. Sunny, a wee bit overcast, and just breezy enough for me to be happy I brought along my light, slightly oversized jacket. I'm walking, pondering if I should have a cigarette. I reach for my sunglasses, look up, and there it is. My bus. The last bus into town. Early. Of course, any sane person as exhausted as I was would have simply waved a hand and offered a "Meh".

This is the part where I remind you how not sane I have been behaving lately.

I sprang into action. And by 'sprang into action' I mean I waved my arms over my head and bellowed like a wookie wannabe at a Star Wars convention.

Of course the driver kept right on going leaving my sunglasses and my light yet slightly oversized jacket covered in a fine mist of what can only be described as the filth of the earth.

Needless to say I walked home. I could have called a cab. I could have phoned for a ride from YBJ.

Instead, I simply kept on walking dreaming up plans for my revenge tomorrow.

They involve eating massive quantities of chili for lunch and sitting near the driver on the way home.

  1. Anonymous Neil | 5/23/06, 2:53 PM |  

    How long of a walk are we talking?

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