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Shoddy Hostel Is Trite

I finally sat down long enough to watch this movie. To be honest, I was extremely disappointed. Yay for the survivor not being the one the viewer expects; and yay for a bit of gore. Otherwise, I found it a waste of time. All that hype, all that anticipation; for nothing. At least I have this one to satiate my suspense/horror/gore/cheese factor needs.

In other FrankieNews™, I thought I'd share a few web gems:
  • It appears Google really does have a sense of humor.
  • If you enjoyed the previously linked list of 80's YouTube videos, perhaps you'd like to peruse this large list of TV Show Theme Songs.
I bought The Boyfriend this lovely little item for Christmas last year. While he's keen on sharing his toys; I've been eyeing a sleeker model for myself.

The Boyfriend is gearing up for another day of sporting events; that leaves my brunch and I alone to peruse the web. I'm stopping by around 3-ish. Have coffee and danish out, okay?

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