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The (Not So) Young And The Restless

General concensus around these parts lately is that I've been entirely too cranky. I'm going to have to agree. Especially since I'm being forced to go on vacation next week. Well, not really forced, but everyone (including myself) thinks it's a very good idea.

I don't really know what to say except that I've been feeling extrememly burned out at work. Fried. I snap at the slightest inconvenience. One tiny thing doesn't go as planned or worse, my way; and I just lose control of my emotions.

I can't treat my friends, co-workers, and higher ups any worse than I do at times. I need to regroup, just chill.

And so I shall.

Even though I know I have a few open invitations to travel; I'll be spending a great deal of time doing absolutely nothing. And some time working on the apartment. There's the faux finish in the kitchen I never finished. That particular project is over a year old. New tile will go down on the floor as well. My bedroom looks as if my closet exploded. I'm so not kidding. My landlord even commented on it during a bathroom drainage repair visit. He needed to get to the back of the tub, through a small opening in the bedroom.

I asked for a moment to tidy up and promptly threw everything into one corner, and a blanket on top of that.

Then there are a few, newer projects I'd like to tackle. The larger, second walk in closet is to become a computer room. I want to refinish the hardwood floors throughout the place as well.

I just pray The Boyfriend isn't around if something goes wrong. I may end up using a power tool or two in an inappropriate way.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/18/06, 3:43 AM |  

    You could come visit Amsterdam, but then you would have to take those god damned curlers out of you hair.

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