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Duck, Duck, Oops

I called YBJ this afternoon hoping he hadn't made plans for dinner. The Boyfriend and I were in luck, he hadn't. We gorged ourselves on all things buffet, tried on several different types of sunglasses, and are now lazily lounging around my apartment. Just as we were getting into the car for the trip back here, YBJ decided to point out a little something I missed just a few hours earlier. Knowing my brother's warped sense of humor, I walked ever so slowly around to the front of the vehicle. I'm glad I saw what I did after I ate. It seems a large black bird of some sort flew directly into the front end of YBJ's vehicle this morning. And stayed there.

Ever see the little Christmas wreaths people tie on their cars around the time of the holiday season? This is pretty much the same, only a 'kill it and grill it' version.

I'll never be able to eat Peking Duck again.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/16/06, 3:34 AM |  

    Grrrr. yawn. more coffee.

    i promise you getting drunk in amsterdam is more fun than getting drunk in ohio.

    so what about it?

  2. Blogger Frankie | 5/16/06, 6:37 PM |  

    Depends on the company, stranger. ;)

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