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Gym Bunny

The evening went rather well. I wish I could say I have some photos to show. I mean, I can say it, I just can't show them. The Boyfriend got his fill of wonderful pics; I just haven't found the correct program to enable me to upload them to my computer. So be patient a bit longer. We even got a few good ones on the walk home.

All together now: "Awwww."

The Dragzillas were out in full force this evening and every single one of them had a tale to tell through song and dance and The Boyfriend and I stayed for four of them. That's about all the drag we could handle for the evening. I was anxious to get home; The Boyfriend was anxious to get to bed. He has an early day tomorrow.

The bastard actually got the gym membership today.

I hid all things chocolate while he was out taking a tour of the establishment.

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