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Can You Feel It?

YBJ called me a few times yesterday. I was entirely too busy to return his call during the day, and by the time I got home I'd simply forgotten he called. The Boyfriend and I were enjoying our first drink of what would soon become many when YBJ walked into the straight-friendly establishment looking for me.

It just tickles my heart that my much younger (he's very early twenties, kids), very straight brother is so comfortable with who he is that he has absoultely no problem whatsoever walking alone into a gay bar. And promptly sitting right next to one of my personal gay icons, Denise Russell (Dennis Werntz. Also, (s)he's the only drag performer to ever perform at the Grand Old Opry.)

The Boyfriend and YBJ played a few games of pool while I simply looked on, getting a bit more intoxicated on both the alcohol and the love I was feeling at that moment. Something was in the air. Game two began when another patron threw a twenty in front of us and demanded to buy our next round of drinks.

We then tagged along with YBJ back to his prior destination for one last round before heading home.

I have a bit of hangover this morning. Somehow I don't feel it's alcohol related.

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