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Believe The Hype

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love all things fashion. Anyone who knows anything about me also knows that I love all things Madonna. Not "love" in the sense that I would rush the dance floor at my favorite disco upon immediately hearing one of her tracks being played. I'm too old for that now. (Now, I simply walk. Not run.) Besides, it's the new more adult Madonna I adore. Timing is everything in the world of entertainment, and Madonna once again uses the masses (read: me) to her advantage.

Visiting your local purveyor of all things print on May 19th will permit you the purchase of the latest issue of W. In it, a 58-page photo spread featuring the Material Girl and six Andalusian stallions. Some of the photos (by Steven Klein) are rather gorgeous. I found others breathtaking.

As I said, timing is everything. Madonna's new tour kicks off just two days later.

  1. Anonymous Neil | 5/6/06, 7:07 AM |  

    Photography 19 of 28 is my personal fav.

  2. Anonymous david | 5/7/06, 9:14 AM |  

    I often wondered how much of her life is contrived and how much is genuine.

    Like the shocking stuff, the S and M the Lessy stuff, etc

    I wonder how much of her kid on lessy stuff has effected kids now, like I witnessed last night (detailed on my blog if you can be assed)

    lovin the site (limmys one put me on to it!)

  3. Blogger Frankie | 5/7/06, 9:37 AM |  

    I've often thought about that too, David.
    I feel the love!

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