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Vain, Vain, Go Away

I find myself thinking about my age more than I care to lately. I did something to the muscle below my left shoulder blade last night. One of two possibilities: I slept in a funny position (which I often do) or, er...I won't go into detail about the other. Let's just say The Boyfriend was involved.

I just took two of these for the first time. I so do not want to become one of those people who cheerfully pass the product on to others, like the smiling actors in the commercials I've seen.

I've also noticed a tiny grey hair growth spurt along my hairline. I swear the unsightly strands have decided to band together to form a thin stripe just over the left side of my forehead. I guess it could be worse.

Luckily, I haven't seen too many lines or wrinkles taking up residence on my face or around my eyes. And I still get mistaken for being in my mid-twenties (I'm not ashamed to say I'll be thirty-eight this year). I suspect having a twenty-one year old boyfriend helps keep me young and beautiful.

On the outside, at least.

  1. Blogger Earl | 5/2/06, 1:43 PM |  

    Sex injuries are hardly worthy of complaining about age. Add that to the fact that salt n' pepper hair on men is hot and you don't really have anything to worry about.

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