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Rosie On Flickr (Yes, THAT Rosie)

I've spent the past twelve hours both working, and working with The Boyfriend. I'm rather exhausted both mentally and physically. I found this link this morning en route to work via my PSP and someone's unsecure wireless connection. I was hoping to post this during my workday by using my new toy at work. Unfortunately I was entirely too busy, nor could I find another wireless connection to save my life. This is what I get for working in the middle of nowhere.

via mefi and someone's unsecure wireless network. thanks, guys!

  1. Anonymous Neil | 4/30/06, 4:36 AM |  

    Could you blog from your PSP, on screen keyboard? If so, i want one...But i might wait till they start shipping the white ones to the uk, that way it will match my new Ipod!

  2. Blogger sam the subversive | 4/30/06, 6:02 PM |  

    I was really surprised they hired her for The View after her blog became so easy to ridicule.

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