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It's Friday And I'm In Love

Almost everyone I know has a bit of a negative opinion when the topic of "Chinese Buffet" comes up. The Boyfriend and I had a rather uneventful day and decided to ignore the usual foodborne illness rumors being tossed our way. We had an hour and a half to kill, and our eatery of choice was located near another business I wanted to visit.

After gorging ourselves on quite a bit of Americanized favorites and enjoying my complimentary pot of tea; we then stopped by one of the more upscale tobacco houses hoping to find a few after dinner treats.

Mission accomplished.

  1. Anonymous Su | 4/28/06, 5:40 PM |  

    Horrible Chinese buffet rules. There was this incredible place in Oklahoma City that obviously used to be a shitty faux-50s diner(as evidenced by floor-to-ceiling checkerboard and baby blue bathroom tile because they apparently didn't bother to redecorate. Oh, and pink neon.)
    They had this "dessert" I never ventured to actually stick in my mouth that seemed to be nothing more than banana chunks with a jar of supermarket cherry pie filling dumped on top. It looked like a refrigerated tray of used tampons. With clots.

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