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Nice To Gleet You

The Boyfriend and I (after a hard day's work) decided to once again venture out for a few cocktails. While walking to our destination The Boyfriend made a very familiar, yet disturbing sound.
    ME: "Did you just do what I think you did?"
    HE: "What? I breathed in."
    ME: "It sounded like you spit between your teeth. Eww."
    HE: "I did not. And what you are thinking of is called gleeting."
    ME: "It frightens me you know such a definition."
    HE: "It frightens me you don't."
    ME: "Touché."
The evening ended with The Boyfriend and The Best Friend entering a Karaoke competition; neither of them winning.

Don't look at me. I sat in the corner playing Ridge Racer singing Dolly Parton songs to myself.

  1. Anonymous Su | 4/27/06, 4:42 AM |  

    Interesting, the things you find when you decide to randomly Googlestalk dead bookmarks.

  2. Blogger Frankie | 4/27/06, 7:40 AM |  

    I was hoping to find you again soon.

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